June 14, 2019

Indian Anthem

How do children who don't go to school know the national anthem?
How do children who don't attend the school assembly every day learn the national anthem?
How do children who are not taught to learn?
5yo. Learning without school.
So how did she learn the national anthem?
She first heard it in a forwarded video. She used to repeat the song a lot. This happened around 6 months back. She kept singing now and then. Later she started recording her song, hearing it back, singing again after correcting herself. She listens to the song on the gaana app. She records her audio, video while singing. This one too was recorded by her. Just edited with cover photo by me.
Who taught? None. She learnt from the various resources available around her.
Who asked her to? None. She wanted to learn.
Is it possible to learn without making the children do the singing drill every day in morning assembly? Yes.
This self-motivation to learn something new, perseverance to stay with it, dedication towards it and concentration are all great attributes that should be nurtured. Every newborn child innately has all these qualities and these are killed once young children are put into forced schedules designed by adults.
Teaching is impossible. Only learning is possible. - Carl
And, I remember having mispronounced many words in the anthem in my daily morning school assembly. I didn't even know the meaning of many words in there. Now, DD1 even tries to question the words and understand the meaning.



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