June 10, 2019

Encountering fractions

Life gives us enough experiences as opportunities to learn from.
I had been thinking to prepare something similar using a paper since long. Haven't done that yet, but this kit was given by her cousin. Thanks to her cousin.
5yo said she would arrange them. She got a bunch of questions and observations.
Why does this card having 10 written on it, yet smaller in size and this card with 1 written is soo big?
There are 2 cards with 1/2 written. There are 6 cards with 1/6 written.
Similar statements for 7,8,9,10...
Questioning led to more learning.
Wish every child would experience this freedom to play with the tools and further learn from their play, rather than, one-way communication from the textbooks to child's mind to written homework to writing answers on the exam paper to scoring 10/10 to seeing the parent happy as a definition of learning and success.

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