May 20, 2019

Why numbers?

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2.5yo: Amma, why are there 1,2,3 and so on? 

5yo: How long can the numbers go on? Why is there no limit to numbers? (She herself comes up with an answer)

Children who don't learn from textbooks learn by questioning out of their own curiosity. 

I see school textbooks that define rules of addition subtraction and maths, in general.

But, what if, there were no rules and the child comes up with her own way to solve a problem? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Can the child be given time?

Is so much amount of drill necessary? Singing songs on numbers, writing numbers repeatedly, flashcards on numbers, defining numbers and the textbooks that directly give the child all the needed info to solve a problem? All in the race to answer faster, solve faster, score better than the others.

Every child is curious by nature and remains curious until an external force sets in where the child becomes busy in comprehending all the info that's provided that she even forgets to question things around her.

Let the child's true nature be nurtured instead of bogging them down with tight schedules, daily routines, rules and instructions about doing things.

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