May 09, 2019

Why is it so in 'School'?

I have been looking for a gurukul or an open learning kind of summer camp(like aarohi) for my 5-year-old.

Having failed to find any in near vicinity to the place I stay, I thought she can try going to a regular summer camp. She was enrolled in a summer camp for a month(only after she decided to).

The first day she told me her teachers had asked the children to drink less water. She asked me the reason for it.

Another day, she says:
Amma, why should we be quiet? Why do they yell to be quiet?
Why should we not move from our benches?
And you know, what? Teachers tell lies!!!
They said to the children who kept moving from their benches that they won't be taken to their homes but they dropped them at their home in the end!!!
Why do they do that?

I got questions about socialisation when I shared my decision to not send my kids to school. Then, it got subsided upon seeing how well she interacts with people of all ages. She sure takes her time, but, responds just as required. And this is very much important - to know when to speak and when not to speak. Why don't we leave kids to learn by themselves if they can trust a person rather than just finding fault that she does not talk to anyone?

Then, I heard arguments that she should know the bad world outside and she can know this only when she goes to school.

To know the bad world outside, a trip to the office where a bribe was taken is sufficient or a trip to a temple where the priest gives receipt of 5Rs but accepts 10 Rs for seva would suffice or be aware while riding public transport where the auto man wanted to take 4 times the original charge using tactics on a mother who could not focus much because of her luggage and kids is sufficient.

Overall, living life as it comes is sufficient to understand the bad world out there and to empathise with those who have suffered due to the bad world.

To do this, to develop empathy, to be sensitive, the child should have more real-life experiences every day. And spending 8 hours every day with the same group of people, cracking the same jokes, at the same place would not do that.

Becoming conscious of one's self and being aware of the world around needs one to be closer to one's intuition that comes naturally to young children and stays with them until an adult forces an agenda on the child!




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