March 13, 2019

Rhymes - The way they are NOT meant to be

Recently, DD1 had come across audio of some telugu rhymes. Attaching the video link, as I cannot find the audio version:

Chitti chilakamma
Amma kottinda

pandlu thechhaava

gootlo pettavaa

And, there were series of questions and thoughts from my 5yo and 2y4mo.
  • May be the the child parrot was hungry
  • Why should the mother parrot hit the child?
  • We will keep the child parrot in cage and fill the cage with many, many fruits so that the child parrot can eat
  • We will keep the child parrot in a cage, feed it with all her favourite fruits, then open the cage so that it is again let free outside. Whenever it wants to eat, it can come into the cage to eat the fruits. AND, we should not let the mother parrot inside the cage because it hit the child when the child had eaten guava.
  • If the girl didn't like the pomegranate, why should she throw it away?
  • She can just keep it somewhere so that people who need it can eat it
  • She can herself offer to any needy
  • She can just leave it there
  • Of the many things one can think of, why should she throw the fruit? It is just waste, if it is thrown



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