January 23, 2019

Tongue Anatomy

My daughter asked me what the lines/strings are that she sees under her tongue.
She asked me if even I had.
I asked her to guess. She said may be tongue needs blood.
And I guessed too. Blood vessels.

Apart from that, I didn't remember even a single term of the tongue anatomy that I learnt in my school.
She suggested we should google.
Google gave many terms like pappilae and many more that i dont recall at all from my school knowledge.

I was supposedly a 'brilliant' student as the adults around said, I could write well, draw well, present well but all that I could do to answer my daughter's question was just guess and google about it to know more. All that I knew was seen in marks and ranks that are not really needed in other phases of our life.

Do I again wish my child go through this school learning, rote learn the terminology, write out all that she memorised and again end up googling when life poses practical question in other phase of life?

I do not think so.

I wish she has brilliant childhood memories than brilliant ranks at school. I wish she picks up the ability to learn than to prove her learning(mostly based on memorising) in marks and ranks. I wish she experiences life as it shows up to her than in an enclosed system of walls.

We did spend some good amount of time reading about tongue on Google and wiki.




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