January 24, 2019

Threatening to get things done?

A child is threatened by parent to wake up and get ready fast, to eat fast, to sleep fast, to finish the homework fast, to put on his socks fast, to wear his shoes fast and many more.

The child is threatened by teacher to eat fast, write fast and many more.

The same child threatens his sister for not doing what was asked by him.

The same child threatens his friend for not behaving what was asked by him.

The same child, now an adult uses non gentler ways to make his way through in his family life, with spouse, parents, parents-in-law.

The same child, now an adult, uses the same ways while raising his kids.

Do you notice a seed of 'using threat/using non gentle ways to convey your need' taking roots deep within the mind?

Where was the seed sown? When was the seed sown? By whom was the seed sown? Who is having to bear the fruit?

Parents, Teachers, Adults, please understand the tenderness of a child's heart and how much impact our words have on his and every other person associated with him in the coming years.

It takes a lot of courage, self discovery, time, mental effort to actually come out of what has been sown within and realise how beautiful life is and how gently we can raise another life in the actual sense. 

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