January 25, 2019

Pretend Phones - Various Versions

I had made many pretend phones when DD1 was younger. Using various papers, cardboards, hard paper.

And now, DD1 herself makes various kinds of phones using thermocol, plain paper, wedding invite card, cardboard piece.

Sometimes, when she has an idea to make a specific type, she takes my help. Today's project was one of such kind. She wanted to have an openable phone(tab phone). She showed me how the two pieces need to be joined in order to be opened to operate. Following her instructions, I sewed two cardboard pieces along the longer edge. Made two for the two little ones.

In the below pic, she explains, the left side top part has some options for videos and the lower part is the screen on which the video can be watched. Right side has enter buttons, send buttons, buttons for numbers, call and other functions.



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