January 24, 2019

Playing Monopoly

How does your child learn basic english, maths without going to school?

Quite contrary to how schools make the child do basic arithmetic:

my child chooses to play games in the process of which she learns to count, add, subtract on her own with least(or zero) intervention/teaching from an adult.

She knows how much the dice on her turn has to show to move to a favourable square. She knows how much the dice on my turn has to show so that I skip picking up the money(free pick up) and she can pick up in her next turn.

She knows how many squares ahead the ticket booth is and how to avoid it in order to not pay any rent.

She can read what's written on each square.

She knows what the dice has to show even two or more turns prior to the winning square.

And, we have a bank to learn basic transactions in the game.




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