December 09, 2018

The Khoji Kids Meet

The Khoji Kids - Sep 9, 2018

Walk around the place, come back, draw items that come to your mind. 

Some draw the very first item that they have seen, while, some draw the last item that they have seen. Some draw the item that caught their mind. 

Draw item that you have not seen around the place, might have seen somewhere outside. 

Some drew immediately something that came to their mind, some took time to draw their favourite item. 

Each one guesses what the others drew

Some guesses were tough, some guesses were easy and some funny. We learnt that, for the same drawing, there were various perspectives to look at it from various angles. Also, we may or may not agree to another's perspective on a subject. 

Imagination - Story 

One child starts with a story(that others don't know). After two or three lines into the story, another person continues the story according to his imagination and this goes on. 

Gods and Us

What are some names of god that one knows? What gods do when each one prays? Can the god talk? Two persons will pray for same item to god, who does god listen to??

And lots and lots of questions and discussions.



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