December 09, 2018

The Khoji Kids - An Initiative

The Khoji Kids

Every newborn is curious to learn from their surrounding. Every toddler is curious to explore his environment. Every child is curious and has at least fifty to one hundred questions each day.

Imagine, how much power would be unleashed if we had supported the child's curiosity and not hushed him due to ignorance? Imagine, how many great thoughts would have taken roots if we had provided time and space and not rushed them to do things?

That's a whole lot of energy within a child, ready to take form. All they need is freedom to learn, time and space.

The Khoji Kids is an initiative to just provide this learning environment to a child.
Resources are provided to children. Each child picks one of their interest, ponders over it, works on it, asks questions and all that an adult does, is just to facilitate. Learning is a journey and we see it happening right in front of our eyes every moment, every day.

Come, be a part of this journey, while also learning, how beautifully kids learn when on their own!




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