December 14, 2018

The Curiuos Questions

I have started this post so that I will be able to compile all the curious questions that are posed by my DDs. Though, many questions have already been covered in various other posts, I hope I recall few and compile them here. I will try to keep adding all her questions in this post.

1. DD1, washing rice with water: Why does wet rice stick to skin? 

2. Why does wet pant stick to skin and is difficult to take off? Why is it difficult to put on pant when skin/pant is slightly wet?

3. Once we apply oil on our hair, why does the hair remain oily for many days? Why does it not dry?

4. When I lie down and raise my legs up, why does the lower end of pant drop downwards?

5. When we leave our hold on an object from a height, why does it fall down and not go up?

6. Even, when I throw an object upwards, it ends up coming down. Even when I try to fly by first jumping upwards, I end up coming down to floor. I think only an aeroplane can balance itself in sky while flying and Hanuman!!

7. Why is oil, oily?? #4.5

8. Why does the earth move round and round? #4.5

9. One side of her blanket was coloured dark blue(very dark) and the other side cream.
DD1: when I cover my face with lighter shade towards my face, I see some light, whereas, when I cover my face with the darker side towards me, it looks dark, I won't be able to see any light. #4.5

10. Why do things fly when the fan is switched on or air is blowing? #4.5

11. Why can't trains ride on roadway? Why tracks for trains? #4.5

12. When walking in snow, does our leg go deep inside the snow? (Never walked in snow, yet)

13. When we get hurt and the skin starts to heal, why does it turn black? Pointing to a black dot on her foot.

14. Morning bath time. DD1 moves bucket to tap. Sees that round water path is formed on the ground in the buckets original place. Why did the water stand still here?

15. The gems of cadbury gems should have started with j for the ja sound, why g?

16. How does sound come from our mouth when we talk?

17. Noticed signals at tracks, does a policeman stand at this signal too?

18. What are the lines that I see under my tongue?

19. How is lipstick made?

20. Why does one forget something that has  just crossed the mind?

21. Is the electricity inside this light same as that in that light?

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