December 22, 2018

NurturOSoul - An Initiative and Request

The fate of coming generations is in the hands of today's children, and, in turn, in the hands of today's parents.

Every criminal that exists this day is because of emotional gaps  experienced during his childhood.

Even before we let the child be, live free considering as one of his birth rights and nurture khoji kids, one has to nurture one's own soul. This is the important and foremost step that can happen to a parent. It requires intuitive realisation to let go off the fear, to let go off the conditioned thoughts, conditioned behaviour that one has acquired from his parent. 

The way one was parented(in other words, one's childhood) affects the way he parents his children.

What do we do: 

Conduct workshops for parents on how to become aware of their parenting in order to be better individuals that in turn helps in the holistic development of the child.

Conduct workshops for children by providing a learning environment and inculcate the intuitive ability to self-learn

Mobile Learn Lab, Mobile Library, Mobile Play Lab

Academic help in case of need by any child

Explore Meditation, Yoga

Conduct art, debates, talks, dramas for the children

Field Trips, Plantation

Middle class are finding it difficult to afford charges for public transport in order to attend musical/dance concerts at auditoriums across the city. What about the underprivileged? Hence, we take the performers to them!

Organize Bhajans, classical dance, classical music concerts at the underprivileged sections of the society. 

Where do we do: The slums, underprivileged sections around Miyapur, Bachupally, Hyderabad

What do we need: Requesting you to donate as much as you can to support this initiative. Every paisa donated is accounted for and is grateful for the support it provides for this dream to take shape

Other donations: Portable Mic with speaker, Mat, Kanjeera, White Board, Refillable Marker, Books(for age group: 5 to 14), Skipping rope, Hula Hoop, Portable Basketball, Chess, Portable Carrom, Building Blocks, open-ended games, resourceful board games, Monopoly, any learning resource that you may think would be useful for children

Transparency: All financial details regarding how the donated amount is used will be shared within a closed group of donors for transparency of how the organization functions.


Contact details:
Phone: +918886352949

Account Details for donation:

Name: Sai Sujaya Chaturvedula


Branch: Miyapur

Account No.: 055801542089

IFSC Code: ICIC0001112

Any changes and updates regarding the organization's working, schedule, programs,  etc. will be published on the web.

Thank you and much gratitude,
Sai Sujaya



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