December 22, 2018

NurturOSoul - An Initiative and Request

The fate of coming generations is in the hands of today's children, and, in turn, in the hands of today's parents.

Every criminal that exists this day is because of emotional gaps  experienced during his childhood.

Even before we let the child be, live free considering as one of his birth rights and nurture khoji kids, one has to nurture one's own soul. This is the important and foremost step that can happen to a parent. It requires intuitive realisation to let go off the fear, to let go off the conditioned thoughts, conditioned behaviour that one has acquired from his parent. 

The way one was parented(in other words, one's childhood) affects the way he parents his children.

What do we do: 

Conduct workshops for parents on how to become aware of their parenting in order to be better individuals that in turn helps in the holistic development of the child.

Conduct workshops for children by providing a learning environment and inculcate the intuitive ability to self-learn

Mobile Learn Lab, Mobile Library, Mobile Play Lab

Academic help in case of need by any child

Explore Meditation, Yoga

Conduct art, debates, talks, dramas for the children

Field Trips, Plantation

Middle class are finding it difficult to afford charges for public transport in order to attend musical/dance concerts at auditoriums across the city. What about the underprivileged? Hence, we take the performers to them!

Organize Bhajans, classical dance, classical music concerts at the underprivileged sections of the society. 

Where do we do: The slums, underprivileged sections around Miyapur, Bachupally, Hyderabad

What do we need: Requesting you to donate as much as you can to support this initiative. Every paisa donated is accounted for and is grateful for the support it provides for this dream to take shape

Other donations: Portable Mic with speaker, Mat, Kanjeera, White Board, Refillable Marker, Books(for age group: 5 to 14), Skipping rope, Hula Hoop, Portable Basketball, Chess, Portable Carrom, Building Blocks, open-ended games, resourceful board games, Monopoly, any learning resource that you may think would be useful for children

Transparency: All financial details regarding how the donated amount is used will be shared within a closed group of donors for transparency of how the organization functions.


Contact details:
Phone: +918886352949

Account Details for donation:

Name: Sai Sujaya Chaturvedula


Branch: Miyapur

Account No.: 055801542089

IFSC Code: ICIC0001112

Any changes and updates regarding the organization's working, schedule, programs,  etc. will be published on the web.

Thank you and much gratitude,
Sai Sujaya


December 15, 2018

Shapes, corner, sides

Today, me and DD1 were making shapes on peg board.  As we made square, rectangle, triangle and counted number of corners and sides in each of them, I casually asked DD1, what would the shape be with no corners at all, 0 corners. She immediately shooted her answer, saying circle.

Every time , I notice DD1 learning something new, I think, it is me who learns more than what she is learning. I learn how children learn, how children think and come to conclusion for themselves with no support from an adult, how children learn without any formal teaching and more importantly, how children learn without having to repeat something 10 times as it normally happens in school.



December 14, 2018

The Curiuos Questions

I have started this post so that I will be able to compile all the curious questions that are posed by my DDs. Though, many questions have already been covered in various other posts, I hope I recall few and compile them here. I will try to keep adding all her questions in this post.

1. DD1, washing rice with water: Why does wet rice stick to skin? 

2. Why does wet pant stick to skin and is difficult to take off? Why is it difficult to put on pant when skin/pant is slightly wet?

3. Once we apply oil on our hair, why does the hair remain oily for many days? Why does it not dry?

4. When I lie down and raise my legs up, why does the lower end of pant drop downwards?

5. When we leave our hold on an object from a height, why does it fall down and not go up?

6. Even, when I throw an object upwards, it ends up coming down. Even when I try to fly by first jumping upwards, I end up coming down to floor. I think only an aeroplane can balance itself in sky while flying and Hanuman!!

7. Why is oil, oily?? #4.5

8. Why does the earth move round and round? #4.5

9. One side of her blanket was coloured dark blue(very dark) and the other side cream.
DD1: when I cover my face with lighter shade towards my face, I see some light, whereas, when I cover my face with the darker side towards me, it looks dark, I won't be able to see any light. #4.5

10. Why do things fly when the fan is switched on or air is blowing? #4.5

11. Why can't trains ride on roadway? Why tracks for trains? #4.5

12. When walking in snow, does our leg go deep inside the snow? (Never walked in snow, yet)

13. When we get hurt and the skin starts to heal, why does it turn black? Pointing to a black dot on her foot.

14. Morning bath time. DD1 moves bucket to tap. Sees that round water path is formed on the ground in the buckets original place. Why did the water stand still here?

15. The gems of cadbury gems should have started with j for the ja sound, why g?

16. How does sound come from our mouth when we talk?

17. Noticed signals at tracks, does a policeman stand at this signal too?

18. What are the lines that I see under my tongue?

19. How is lipstick made?

20. Why does one forget something that has  just crossed the mind?

21. Is the electricity inside this light same as that in that light?

22. Why does the spelling of 'INDIA' Not end with '-YA'? #5yo

23. When fire is usually seen(seen campfire) in red colour, why is the fire from gas stove looking blue? #5yo

24. (Looking at the stream of water coming from a river that touches the land at the shore) Why is it happening that, when one layer of water is going away, there is another layer of water that is coming this side? #5yo

25. (While sitting in moving bus) Why are we going like this (leaning herself forward)? She was asking why our body leans forward in a moving vehicle? #2yo

26. Amma, shall we go to another planet? Me: How do you think we can travel? DD1: Rocket. Me: Do you think there will any humans or some other characters? DD1: Don't know. Who would be there? Let's go and see.  #5yo

27. Why did thatha become old after I was born and not after you and dad were born? Why did he become old only now? #5yo

28. Seeing a baby cat, showed it had medium size head, small neck and medium body. Asks how can it be that way with such small neck? #5yo

29. Me to 2yo: you only came to amma, isn't it? 2yo: yes. Me: Why did you come to amma? 2yo: nenu amma daggara lenu ani, amma daggarki vachesa..smiling

30. Why does the door of metro train always open at the left? Oh!! On the right side there needs to be place for other trains to pass....DD1, 5YO

31. What is there inside cotton? Why is it bumpy? - 2yo holding and pressing cotton with her fingers.

32. How can diaper absorb the urine, does it have cotton?



December 13, 2018

Hurry Up! The most common mistake done by parents


December 09, 2018

The Khoji Kids - Oct 28, 2018

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Imagination - Draw

There are various ways to draw.
Walk around, observe, come back and draw any seen item that comes to mind.
Draw any item that is not seen in that place, something outside.
Draw the shadow of any object. This was tricky and most exciting, since, the shadow of objects was noticed to be seen when standing at an angle but not seen when standing at another angle. So, some children were spotting shadows, while some were not due to their positions relative to the shadow. And, drawing was even more exciting. 
Draw any story that comes to mind.
Then, one guesses the picture that other draws and fun continues....

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Play with magnets. 

There were some magnets provided.
Children made various things with them. Some made caterpillar, some train, some spinner in which a magnet spinned around another, some fidget spinner with 2 blades/3 blades/5 blades, some chasing game, some catch the magnet game. Some put two magnets on two sides of paper and tried to move one with another.
Irrespective of age, every child understood that some magnets were repelling from one side and attracting from another side. And also understood that in order to form certain shape with magnets, we should not be holding any extra magnet in the fist, else, the shape gets distorted.
What fun! What learning! The kids didn't want to leave.

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The Khoji Kids - Sep 29, 2018

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Imagine - Draw

Draw any items that come up in mind. Children preferred to walk around. Others guess what one person drew. The owner of a drawing tells his/her story with the items he chose to draw.


What is Meditation according to a child. Children chose 1 minute to just close their eyes.

Sloka and Meaning

Stanza from rudram namakam-
Namaste astu bhagavanh vishveshvaraya mahadevaya tryambakaya tripurantakaya trikagni kalaya kalagnirudraya nilakanthaya mrutyunjayaya sarveshvaraya sadashivaya shrimanmahadevaya namah
discussion and sharing views on what each word meant to each of us.

Zumba dance

Some time spent in dancing.
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and indoor

Cooking Time

Making chocolate balls.
Ingredients were made to guess, not provided right away. What gives choco flavour? What adds sweet taste? What binds them together? What else can be added?
Ingredients: Biscuits, cocoa, sugar and milk.
Ingredients were provided and children chose the quantity of each to be added by tasting and adjusting the measures. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and people eating

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoor

Image may contain: food

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The Khoji Kids Meet

The Khoji Kids - Sep 9, 2018

Walk around the place, come back, draw items that come to your mind. 

Some draw the very first item that they have seen, while, some draw the last item that they have seen. Some draw the item that caught their mind. 

Draw item that you have not seen around the place, might have seen somewhere outside. 

Some drew immediately something that came to their mind, some took time to draw their favourite item. 

Each one guesses what the others drew

Some guesses were tough, some guesses were easy and some funny. We learnt that, for the same drawing, there were various perspectives to look at it from various angles. Also, we may or may not agree to another's perspective on a subject. 

Imagination - Story 

One child starts with a story(that others don't know). After two or three lines into the story, another person continues the story according to his imagination and this goes on. 

Gods and Us

What are some names of god that one knows? What gods do when each one prays? Can the god talk? Two persons will pray for same item to god, who does god listen to??

And lots and lots of questions and discussions.


The Khoji Kids - An Initiative

The Khoji Kids

Every newborn is curious to learn from their surrounding. Every toddler is curious to explore his environment. Every child is curious and has at least fifty to one hundred questions each day.

Imagine, how much power would be unleashed if we had supported the child's curiosity and not hushed him due to ignorance? Imagine, how many great thoughts would have taken roots if we had provided time and space and not rushed them to do things?

That's a whole lot of energy within a child, ready to take form. All they need is freedom to learn, time and space.

The Khoji Kids is an initiative to just provide this learning environment to a child.
Resources are provided to children. Each child picks one of their interest, ponders over it, works on it, asks questions and all that an adult does, is just to facilitate. Learning is a journey and we see it happening right in front of our eyes every moment, every day.

Come, be a part of this journey, while also learning, how beautifully kids learn when on their own!



December 06, 2018

How to raise an obedient child?


December 05, 2018

Intuitive Parenting

Have you heard of intuitive parenting? Do you refer to my parenting guide to solve your parenting challenges? Did you ever try listening to your intuition to solve your conflicts?


Why do we threaten kids?

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It is usual for parents to threaten kids in doing something. Is threatening the real solution?