November 15, 2018

Why this life?

Me and DD1 often discuss about birth and death, of course, only when DD1 brings it up. As most of the times, it is DD1 who initiates anything.

All the below chunks of conversations happened at various instances, not the same time.

DD1: Why does anyone die?
Me: Once, we are done with what we have done here, we go back to where we came from?
DD1: And, where is it?
Me: May be energy? Or you could find out. That's what I think.

DD1: So, we come here to do some tasks?
Me: Guess so. So, what did you come here for?
DD1: I don't know. You say. You should know.
Me: No!! I do not know!! You know it ( I always want to break this notion 'AMMA knows ALL, listen to her'.
So, you should tell me some day.

This one was randomly asked as she observed me doing something for her grandfather and while we were climbing back upstairs after that.

DD1: Why did you come here to help grandfather?
Me: What???
DD1: Why did you come here to help grandfather?
Me: He needs help, and we help him.
DD1: That's correct. But you are born and you are doing this task. So, WHY? (She chuckled as she understood that she got my mind thinking in the context of her question)
Me: All of us are connected and we grow together, help each other.
DD1: So, we are here to play together and help each other?
Me: May be, partly. And a lot more to go!
DD1: But, why?
Me: We shall know in time :)

Today, there was a brainstorming story reading about Mahabharata. So much that I wanted a break but DD1 refused to pause, she continued to ask me to read the next chapters. Mahabharata followed by the Kurukshetra war. Though a lot remains untouched, guess, her mind is hovering over the battle scenes, haha. I could hear her talk to her sister in the language of pandavas/kauravas.
So, in the middle of me reading out text on Kurukshetra War,

DD1: Why are the pandavas, kauravas present? Why are we here? What for did we come? What for did they come? Why did they have kingdoms? Why do they have kings? Why are they fighting to be the king? Why should they kill to become king? Many more whys followed by the finale Why is each one born, in the first place?
Me: Exactly, Arjuna, when he had to head for the war, had exactly these same questions that you have and he asked Krishna. Krishna replied in the text of Bhagavad Gita. That is another text(story) to read.
DD1: Why did I come here?
Me: To accomplish some tasks?
DD1: What are the tasks?
Me: You will know?

Edit - Nov 19, 2018
DD1: Why are we born?
Me: To accomplish some tasks?
DD1: But, Why are 'we' born? (with extra stress on 'we'). Why am I born? (extra stress on 'I')
Me: To do some things? And to help people around?
DD1: But, why are 'we' born?
Me: Because 'we' had to something?
DD1: But, there could have been someone else born to help someone else, right ? Why should only I be born? Why am I born?
Me: To do certain things? To help certain people 'you' thought of? 'You' should tell me!!
DD1: I have been telling you I will go to D aunty's house to help her for decorating the house, and you didn't drop me, you have been saying, you have work, have dinner, then we all can go together. I wanted to 'help' her.
Me: Hmm.. They called us at a later time! Okay !

As we stepped out of a birthday party,
DD1: Why do we get birthdays?
Me: Days keep passing by and after many days, a year completes, then the day when you were born comes again in the next year, then we say it is your birthday.
DD1: But, why do we get birthdays? Is it to become giant?
Me: Not exactly giant. But, yes, we keep growing big.
DD1: Yes, we keep growing little bigger. And then, we become old.
Me: Yes
DD1: And then, one day, we are no more here.
Me: Yes
DD1: Oh!!

Another day while walking down the lane,
DD1: Amma, why were you born first and me as your daughter?
It could even happen that, I would be born first and I will be your mother, right?
Why didn't it happen that way?
Why did you only become my mother?

Her question of WHY remains. I am sure, she realizes the answers to her WHYs soon, the answers of those that cannot be penned down can only be experienced.

Don't you think these questions are more important to the progress of one's life than the questions that demand answers from a textbook?



At 19 November 2018 at 11:24 , Blogger Ashwini said...

Love your conversations! And yes awesome that you're teaching her "Amma doesn't know it all" - to put it one step further not everyone knows it all. We're all learning. Different topics that we find interesting, thanks for sharing your stories!

At 19 November 2018 at 21:59 , Blogger Sujaya said...

Very True Ashwini! We are all learning. There is no 'he/she knows all'.

At 20 November 2018 at 05:13 , Blogger Unknown said...

Awesome questions from such a young age!!

At 20 November 2018 at 07:05 , Blogger Sujaya said...

Just doing my bit in keeping her curiosity alive!


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