November 28, 2018

Intuitive Parenting - Way to Go!

Gentle Parenting does not make a child weak.
Parenting from intuition does not make the child unprepared for life ahead.

Violent Parenting does not make the child strong.
Parenting from inhibitions does not make the child be able to withstand all odds in life.

What YOU as a parent believe of your child will BECOME true.
A child learns from how the parent leads life and it is quite evidently seen in the parenting style.

It is not true that 'Boys need to be parented in a harsh way, else, they go out of control'.
It is not true that 'Girls need to be parented in a delicate way, else, they might feel hurt'.

What you think, so you believe.

Harsh way of parenting does not make the child strong. In fact, some later time in adulthood, it brings out many emotional gaps within the child that have been suppressed and that could show up in various behavioural issues of the adult.

Intuitive parenting is the perfect solution to connect with a child.
Be it a boy or girl, natural intuitive parenting is the way to go in order to connect with another being, resolve conflicts and understand life better.

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