October 15, 2018

Mountains, Grass, Shiva and Brahmalokam

There are two mountains green shaded. Zig zag. Another two mountains red and violet.

Top two mountains tell zigzag to take away bottom two mountains somewhere. So, the grass goes on to search for them. Grass goes to shiva to ask where the mountains are. Then the mountains take the form of venkateswara swamy and go to brahmalokam. Everyone meet at brahmalokam and go back to their places.

This is how the imagination of a 4 year old unfolds. I feel happy for her that her time is being utilised for creative things rather than calling repeatedly to finish off the homework. Seriously.

And this she did, just when it was time for us to sleep. She said she would just do some drawing / colouring and get back.  Then she told this story.

Give them time and let their creativity be churned out. Not in tight schedules of class work, home work, tuitions, drawing classes, extra classes.

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