October 30, 2018

How Children Learn?

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DD1 last went to school in first week april, 2018.
There were questions regarding socialisation, may not know people, become solo etc. etc.
We moved home in April. From a well built community to a fairly new community. From a place where there were two play areas to a place that had sand, cement and construction equipment. From a place comprising 450+ flats to a place in which we were the 4th occupant.
I had well wishers saying, right when kids need play areas you are moving to new community that doesn't have play area with very less neighbours.
But the kids, 1.5yo and 4.5 yo didn't bother much. They have always been happy playing where they are and with what they have. DD1 plays in sand, red soil, wet mud, muddy puddles, stones, leaves, shells, climbing sand/stone hills along with playing with kids around.
I recall one incident when we were waiting on the road side for medicines to arrive and I was thinking if I should take them to a park nearby when DD1 upon knowing why we were waiting and the duration we had to wait, happily replied 'OK, I'll play here by the side stepping on the stones, I can make games here'. That again reassured that it is adults who have wants beyond their needs but kids are happy with whatever is available around.
It is we who compare yesterday with today, child 1 with child 2, today with tomorrow and fear the unknown. Kids live in the HERE and NOW. Content with where they are and what they have.
Is it the child who should learn how to live life from adults or adults learn how to just BE from the child?
There have been many incidents when DD1 surprised me. This picture is a greeting card that DD1 made for our 50+ year old neighbour aunty. The idea was hers. I never initiated making a card to anyone. She got some cardboard piece, pattern paper, stapler, cut flowers from another pattern paper, stuck them on the card. Does this answer the questions like how does she interact with people, how does she talk to people outside family, how does she socialise and many more how's?
So, how did she learn to make something for someone or many other acts that she does?
Just by being her own self instead of pushing tight schedules and hearing 'do as I say' lines. She thinks about many things around. She does few things. She builds few things. She makes few things. Everything right from conception of idea comes from her. I even don't know if she plans and makes or makes and plans. But she does.
There is no necessity to consider this as an achievement of hers. I can see her grow in more than one way, little by little, all day, every day. She learns a lot by roaming around and not confined to sitting between four walls.
All the time that children get to socialise, talk free without judgement, with peers is during free play, breaks and after school hours. Not much when children are sitting in the classroom. And that is available for DD1 in plentiful.

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