August 24, 2018

Days and months

DD1, when in school, used to sing out songs on days and months. But, I have never probed her much or asked her to recite on purpose. For me, a child who has been reciting all day would recite, but is the meaning understood? No one knows better than the child herself.

Now, at home, she has tools to navigate through. With respect to days and months, she has some boards with names written and movable pointer. She spends time, little bit of time, may be lesser than the time taken to memorise the songs, to read the names written. She tries to make sense of what is written. She counts and numbers the days and months. She observes the sequence of days and months. She says what day it is even when she doesn't look at the board. She thinks of birthdays while analysing the sequence on months. She repeats all month names, moves a year ahead, tells her birth date, her age and repeat. She does more than just singing and repeating what the teacher has said.

All this, on her own, without any exercises on paper, without any questions from the teacher. 

She was provided with resources and time. Nothing beyond that. 

Time and the freedom to learn(be) would be the two most precious gifts that could be given to a child.



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