August 08, 2018

Curious, thinkers and doers by nature

Who had asked this 1.5 yo to balance those tiny objects? No one
Children are doers
Children are thinkers
Not by force but by their innate nature
This process of thinking and doing is actually hindered if there is force in any kind by the adult around.
Why don't we let children figure out things?
Why do we like to instruct more and more and feel happy that the child has done just as how it was asked to be done? Who is happy? Who is successful? What is real happiness and real success that is achieved in instruction based activities and plays?
DD2 balances objects, balances herself on objects, stacks up bangles, fits in a chain(jewellery) such that it sits neatly inside a bangle on the floor. She is moving the chain this way that way and gently brings it down to see it curling up within the bangle. She feels accomplished. She places items within a sheet and folds the sheet. Is it not an achievement for a child to even lay out a hand kerchief neatly without any folds on the floor? Let the child win his own war and not the one that is imposed by an adult.!!
Whose feelings are important? Isn't the child's?
Let the child be. Let the child play. Keep alive the curiosity within every child.

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