March 29, 2018

Bow with Felt Sheet

Journey is as memorable as the destination, or may be even more!!

The time and effort spent on the process should be more enjoyable than the outcome.

DD1 wanted to make something with the felt sheet that she was gifted by her cousin and looked up the internet for ideas. There were many that came up, some being butterfly, bow etc. She stopped at the image of a bow and said she would do that. I helped her with drawing the outline and she cut the pieces and stuck according to what we read on the internet.

Then she applied some glitter glue over it and left it to dry for a day.

I showed her the piece after a day and I was saying that I could stitch it to any of her shirt(talking in my mind: she could decorate it a bit more with the glitter glue)

DD1 stared at it for a minute, immersed herself in some world that I am not aware of and said:

This is gardening animal web. This is made by animals but even humans can enter into it. There will be chairs and tables for us and we can even eat ice cream there.

I just stayed silent listening to her entire story. There's no limit to what children can imagine and create. All they need is a channel to let their creativity out.

I wonder how the child can be given freedom to be on their own to let their creativity blossom when children as young as 3/4 years are being sent for drawing/colouring classes. All that they are demanded to do in any class is to follow instructions and create a beautiful product for which the child experiences applauds from her teachers/parents. Are we giving children enough time to unfold their imagination? What is the need to instruct them in everything they do from such a young age?
A child who is interested in drawing will spend more time in doing it, whatever the initial outcome is, and will eventually learn to draw in various strokes and come up with different shades on her own. Isn't that wonderful ? Can we give them the time and freedom to be on their own?

Let children be. Let them imagine. Let them create. Even if it does not make sense to the adult, it does make a lot of sense to the child and that imagination, that ability to think is more important than a neatly coloured picture done under the guidance of a teacher. Well, in my perspective!!

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