February 11, 2018

Let the child be

In our rush to get things done, we constantly use phrases like 'she has already finished her meal, you eat fast', 'she is eating it, you should also eat', 'she wore her sandals, you should also wear sandals instead of slippers', 'this one does not match your dress, pick the other one', 'oh, is there anyone who dresses like that?', 'people would laugh at you if you wear that'.

A child who has never known what comparison is, who has never known to live by looking at others, who has never known to choose based on external factors is being introduced to the concept of comparison, looking at others and dressing similarly, choosing based on not what we want to do but by what the society wants us to do.

Why can't the parent let the child be a free-thinker. 
Why is it hard to say 'ok, you can choose your shirt and pant', do we fear about what others would think looking at our child? 
Are we concerned to let the child think what she wants to at any moment? 
Why is it hard to say 'Ok, you tell me what you want to eat, you tell me how you want to play'. 
Do you fear that if the child wears a mismatched(in your perception) dress at 4 yr age would continue wearing mismatched dresses when 6 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs too?

What are we fearing? 
Why don't we let the child be her own self?
Are we living in fear?
Are we living in rush?
Are we letting our self just be at the moment?
Are we letting our children to just be at the moment?



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