February 11, 2018

Being mindful

The wise DD1 handling the tiny chaos with a breeze.
DD2 (months old) cries for a while in the car.
Me: trying out various ways to calm her.
DD1: sings softly ' twinkle twinkle'
DD2: calms down to sleep
Children are such wonder!
DD2(with actions, no speech yet): keeps asking for something
Me: with million thoughts in my head(clearly my mind was not present at that moment) do not understand what's happening.
DD1 says 'She wants this' and hands it over to the little sister.
DD2 walks away.
Children are naturally mindful until we, the external beings start disturbing their calmness by over-parenting.
Grandfather having his lunch.
DD2 keeps playing with the rice, dal in his plate. Because I just changed her dress I try to pull her aside for some other play.
DD2: starts to cry asking for the same
DD1: Why is sister crying?
Me: She wants to take the rice, dal and food from grandfather's plate
DD1: Then, you can give her some rice in another plate na? She will sit and eat from that plate only.
Me: OMG. yes, I could have done it. Thanks.
Sometimes, our minds are so preoccupied with thoughts, fears, beliefs that we start to create logics behind every act of a child. If this then that, if this is done then that happens.
We try to operate at the child's level with a pre-set aim in mind.
The best solution to any chaotic situation is to let the child be and connect with the child, not control the child. Then you are sure to find just the one solution that you need for that moment!



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