January 02, 2018

How to be sane when you are overwhelmed with tasks?

I dug up something in my writings. For all those people who wonder if I ever get irritated at the world around. You may find your answer here. The thing is, with every passing day, I am more mindful of the way I live. Though, I am tired and lose physical strength in handling two kids (both below 4 years of age), I manage to have a sane mind and mental courage to get back to normal state.

The below had happened when Ananya was 2 yr 2 months. I was 1 month pregnant with Anindya. So, I had the usual first trimester tiredness in that phase. I also believe: If you look for reasons, you find hundreds of them. If you look for solution, you find just the one you need.

March 9 2016

Last one month(little less than that) seemed to be experimental in my life. A started asking me to carry her every single moment, inside the home, outside, everywhere, even while I was getting tired. Obviously, she doesn't know that point and 2 year old does not have a fully developed brain to think from another person's perspective and act accordingly. You can read about empathy here.

She was simply being her own self. Though I knew all these scientific and spiritual facts right, I too, fell in the trap of getting irritated. Thankfully, it was never shown on anyone around, specially A. It was only that I started being irritable, though I did all that she wanted me to do, deep within, I was some how feeling mentally bad and physically weak at the same time. Mentally bad because I realised I was not fully dedicated to the mundane tasks. I was somehow left uninspired, empty-minded and behaviourally routine for a week or so.

Only after analysing what was going on in my mind did I realise that I was getting back what I had in mind. We attract circumstances that are similar to our mental state at any point of time. I was irritable, I attracted irritable scenarios, had ill health, lacked inspiration, attracted forgetfulness, the type of activities I do for myself had changed.

Yes, knowing some facts is different from realising them which is even more different from putting them into practice. I thought over, chalked out points on how my mind wandered in the wrong direction and how I could have avoided it.

After a detailed introspection, all I have to share is:

  • When we are joyfully carrying out our routine, we never feel the pain. When you are unhappy with something, you attract pain that causes weakness and irritation in turn.
  • How ever old we keep growing, when we are around a 2 year old, we ought to be pure hearted and behave as another 2 year old with her. Become a child when with one, only then you can experience the child's joy.
  • Whatever your physical status is, strong mind and joyful heart are the two things needed to keep up your health. 



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