July 07, 2017

What are the instructions for?

Why I do not read out the instructions or explain rules?

Be it any task that my child is doing, I step back and first notice my child's moves. Because, the moment I start dictating her what the steps are for any task, her process of thinking is set aside.

I do not want her to follow my instructions. I would love to follow her instructions in the umpteen number of new games that she introduces me to.

I do not want her to colour with exactly the same colours that the colouring book shows on one side of it. I allow her to use her thinking and colour the object with what she feels suit it.

I do not want her to always draw meaningful things like the flower, sun, moon, or whatever. I allow her to make her own drawing and name as her own unique design.

I do not want her to follow the rules of board game 'Ludo' by exactly doing what was written on the box. I allow her to create rules and follow her game of play.

I do not want her to follow my words when I say 'do not add water to it, else it will get spoilt' I allow her to add water and see for herself how it would be.

I do not want her to play as I say, be it in the sand, the park, colours or water. I allow her to play as she feels like.

I do not want her to keep the paint colours safe in separate containers. I allow her to mix up colours and see new colours getting created upon mixing.

I do not always introduce her to new games to engage her. I allow her to tell me a game we can play. She is the one who chooses the game materials and sets the rules for the game.

I do not say her painting needs little correction. I allow her perceive her own imaginations from the painting. May be, I am not able to see what the child was able to in the painting.

I do not want her to be a follower. I give her space to take the lead. I look for opportunities to learn from the child rather than teaching her all the time.

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