May 31, 2017

Understaing soaking

It was bath time for DD2 and I sat down to give an oil massage as a part of everyday ritual.
There came DD1 along with her teddy toy, sat next to me, and started to massage the teddy.

Next, it is bath time. As I carry DD2, DD1 carries the teddy, places it on the stool all set to start its bath. She uses soap and pours water.

Next, it is time for some water play. I take DD2 into the bucket and do some bouncy in the water. DD1 did the same with the teddy. After that, she tried to put it back on stool. And, that is when she felt it heavy and exclaimed 'teddy bear has become heavy after doing bouncy bouncy'.

I told her it had cotton in it which absorbs all the water and hence becomes heavy.

That was when I recalled the story of a donkey in which the donkey sank in water to get rid of the salt bag when it worked but didn't work when it sank in water to get rid of cotton bag.

Provide ample opportunities for children to explore various activities and you see them learning the concepts in their own way.

Learning or knowledge transfer need not be always happen from book to brain.

Playing is learning.

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