April 19, 2017

Water Balloon

Children are always fond of balloons. It is time to show a variant - water balloon.

So, what do we do?

Fit an unfilled balloon to the tap and gently let the water flow. See how the balloon gradually increases in size. Now, vary the speeds of water flow to notice how the balloon handles the pressure of water coming into it.

Carefully unplug the balloon from the tap.

Oops, it slipped!!

And she is trying to catch hold of the water.

Another attempt:

Let's be careful this time.

Time to add some colours to the water.

We added blue paint for the blue colour and some turmeric for the yellow colour.

I can see some bubbles in there.

All set with utmost care.

Now, it is turn for the 4 month old to have some hands-on fun.

Let us have some sensory play. Touch it, poke it, squeeze it, prick it.

Oh Yeah! the three year old has also done all these - touch, poke, squeeze, prick. After a while, one of them burst. 😄😄😄

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