April 16, 2017

Sponge and water

Give your child some things to play and be amazed at the various ways s/he plays with them.

Well, this one was the after play of sponge painting. From a third eye's view, she is being messy by playing with sponge and water. No, she found something interesting with sponge taking in water (absorption). Children learn from playing not when you angrily shout at them to sit at one place or when you hand over the gadget so that she doesn't trouble you with her mess.
No, this play doesn't guarantee that she's going to score 100/100 in science in her middle school. But yes, that small neuron in her bain triggers when she hears the word absorption. She may not consciously remember all that she is seeing now. But, sub consciously, every concept is recorded and appropriate neurons connected basing upon the parents encouragement for the child to explore. You know, it is not about the destination, but the journey that gives you joy. Make your child's childhood journey happy.

So, what did she do?
She put all the sponges in bowl of water, stirred with spoon, waited for it to cook, made noodles and served all of us around.

Next, she started playing in the setup with her hand, when she noticed that sponge absorbs water and it drops off it upon squeezing. I asked what she was doing and explained to her about absorption,  squeezing and lot more.

Just leave the child with safe play setup and notice how well they play with it. They have stronger imaginative power and the parent needs to give ample time, setups to stimulate their brain.

Children find many things fascinating. Let them play and explore all their way. 

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