April 19, 2017

Paint with Talcum Powder

I had a box of very old talcum powder that had expired and started looking for what activity I could do with this.

I happened to browse through : http://www.sunhatsandwellieboots.com/2012/03/simple-homemade-bath-paint-using-talcum.html

Finding it interesting, I arranged a similar play set up for DD1.

Materials needed: talcum powder, water, food colour

The texture of talcum powder with water feels different on touch. So, this is we did it.

Time to paint something.

Time to do pouring out.

Time to colour the wall.

After sometime, this is what we notice:

The talcum powder gets settled down in the mixture. Food colour is spread all across the water. Time for some explanation. 😊😊

Here are some simple science experiments that could be performed with talcum powder:



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