March 25, 2017

Making egg juice

One fine evening, me, DD1, DD2 just returned from outdoor play. As DD2 had to be attended on an immediate basis, I asked DD1 to go ahead and start washing her hands and feet with soap and water.
Just when I was done with DD2's task, I turn around to find DD1 standing there smiling at me.

Me: Did you wash your feet and underneath them with soap ?
DD1: No No I didn't
Me: OK, let's go and clean.

Going to the bathroom

Me, looking for the soap: where is the soap?
DD1: I kept it there, inside.
Me: Why is it there?
DD1: It's boiling in there. It is being cooked.
Me: Were you playing without washing your hands first?
DD1: Na. I first washed my hands and then put the soap in cooker for it to boil.
Me: Oh, inside it?
DD1: Yes, It is boiling. we have to wait.
Me, laughing: Oh! you are cooking something!
DD1: Yes, I put it in the cooker. It will boil and will turn out to be Egg Juice.

Seemingly funny things that kids do with their immense imaginative power. No, it is not funny for them. You have to ask for the juice in sometime and pretend to taste it too. That's a part of their serious play.

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