March 31, 2017

Do you have left-over food?

Do you have some left over food?

March 25, 2017

Making egg juice

One fine evening, me, DD1, DD2 just returned from outdoor play. As DD2 had to be attended on an immediate basis, I asked DD1 to go ahead and start washing her hands and feet with soap and water.
Just when I was done with DD2's task, I turn around to find DD1 standing there smiling at me.

Me: Did you wash your feet and underneath them with soap ?
DD1: No No I didn't
Me: OK, let's go and clean.

Going to the bathroom

Me, looking for the soap: where is the soap?
DD1: I kept it there, inside.
Me: Why is it there?
DD1: It's boiling in there. It is being cooked.
Me: Were you playing without washing your hands first?
DD1: Na. I first washed my hands and then put the soap in cooker for it to boil.
Me: Oh, inside it?
DD1: Yes, It is boiling. we have to wait.
Me, laughing: Oh! you are cooking something!
DD1: Yes, I put it in the cooker. It will boil and will turn out to be Egg Juice.

Seemingly funny things that kids do with their immense imaginative power. No, it is not funny for them. You have to ask for the juice in sometime and pretend to taste it too. That's a part of their serious play.

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How do you connect with a child?

The other day when DD1 was playing in the park, there came another child of the same age group who was initially hesitant to leave his mom's side and start playing. Upon talking some nice words to let him feel free, he ran towards the park and started sliding his way to joy.

I glance around to see how all the little ones are playing in park, the swimming pool, the cricket ground. Just when I look back to see what DD1 is doing, I notice DD1 and the little boy laughing out loud as they jump around in the sand and run towards the ladder that leads them to slide down. Both the kids, who can actually talk fluently, are sharing smiles, laughing together, playing together and following each one's lead - all by not talking even one word with each other. They did not talk to connect. They did not make any agreements to connect. They just smiled at the same time, one responded to another's jump in the right way and each of them followed the other running  while even taking turns and giving chances to who leads whom in the play. This is exactly the way children connect to any one around them. This is the way children connect to children and this is the way children connect to adults. They need people who understand them even before they make an attempt to cry because they are unable to articulate their need in sentence. They need people who cater to their needs even before they ask for it. They need people who understand their joy and pain when they are unable to share their emotions. They need people who understand that they are tired and hence the behaviour instead of yelling at them for the crankiness. They need people who hug them and relieve them of their big sad feelings even when they cannot share their huge emotions. They need people who look at them like the way they look at the world. They need people who connect to them. They love to be with people who attempt to make this connection.

In everyday life, as each parent strives to provide the best food, best clothing, best place to live in, best school to study in, best toys to play with and lot more, let us not forget to provide the best environment for all the good emotions to blossom in our little one's heart. Remember, as the child is growing physically, she is also growing emotionally and spiritually.

You could start with spending just 10 minutes each day in trying to connect with our child. If you are not able to control your emotions for the entire day, start with just 10 minutes initially. Think about ways you could connect with your child and be consistent in your efforts. All your time and efforts will surely pay off.

Let's join our hands in raising happy kids and emotionally responsible citizens of the next generation.

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March 24, 2017

Activity books for kids 3+


March 22, 2017

Longing to see calmness in your child?

Do you feel your child is naughty?
Do you feel your child is uncontrollably mischievous?
Do you feel your child is adamant?
Do you feel your child is aggressive?
Do you feel your child is violent?

Share with me and see how the way you look at young souls, changes for the better.
Leave alone using the above statements to describe your child, you will not want to title your child in a negative way any more.

You could ping me here or drop a mail at


March 17, 2017

QOTD - March 17, 2017


X mas tree hand prints

I've been  waiting to get my infant's hands on the paints and the day has finally arrived. It was time me, lo1, 3 year old and lo2, 4 months old sat down and did some art work together. So, here it is.

Fold a piece of chart paper into half. Draw an Xmas tree or any tree. Cut around the drawing carefully by keeping the top edge connected between the two halves so that you could make it stand on surface.

I made my toddler and infant put their hand prints while I put my finger prints at the edges of the Xmas tree. It was fun while my toddler was excited that she was playing with paints along with her sister. This kept me thinking on various other art activities I could plan with the two of them. Watch out for my future posts.

Have a look at the pictures. My next step is to wrap a transparent film around this Xmas tree and keep it safe in a box.

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One thing you could do when your child who is upset, upsets you

Ever wondered how you could deal or what you could say to an upset child?

It was dinner time. I've been calling LO1 since quite a few minutes and she was on her way to her place at the dining table when she picked something from the side table and rushed towards her chair while also asking me not to move from the place where I was standing. LO2 was lying in the stroller beside LO1's chair at the dining table making sounds as if calling for us to come around her.

Even though in a hurry to start dinner, reluctantly as well as abruptly, I had to stop when LO1 asked me to do, then, tripped over my toe and moved a bit forward for which LO1 again said - 'No, Don't move, I'm doing something here'. And, I seemed to be getting impatient but not wanting to react in a fury, discarded my feeling of impatience and looked over to observe what my daughter was actually doing. As if adjusting my posture I moved around within a radius of an inch for which I hear another 'No! I told you not to move'. That's it, it hit my buttons. It was dinner time, I was waiting for her to finish what she wanted to do, I stood there for quite sometime, LO2 was slowly starting to call out loud for me. Amidst all this chaos, LO1 becomes furious because she thought I was moving from my place.

So, what would you do when you are already upset?

With various types of emotions shooting in my head, wondering how I should explain my child that I was not moving and her becoming furious was totally uncalled for, I rushed to her with all my speed, being my usual self who just cannot accept a yell or spank at kids, I was left with just one option, I carried her in my arms and hugged her tight, slowly whispering in her ears that I was actually waiting for her to finish what she was doing and she needn't shout for that. Still carrying her, I stood in front of a mirror where, upon looking at her upset face, she realised she had over reacted. At that moment, I asked her, should I hit you or hug you for which her answer was 'HUG'. I hugged her tight and reassured her that being young, kids don't understand how to talk soft but I would always show my love and support for her.

See the transformation from negativity to positivity..

In this scenario, something massive happened in my mind. Yes. I could clearly see all the negative energy within me(hurry since it was past dinner time, impatience because LO1 was keeping me waiting while LO2 was already calling for me, annoyance when LO1 broke down crying while asking me to wait for the third time in a row) - all of this, all of the disturbing energy, just in a moment, transformed into positive energy, a loving hug, an understanding between child and parent, a reassurance to the child that parent is always there to guide her and not judge her, a nurturing care that every child longs for, more so when the child is already upset with something.

One thing you could do when your child who is upset, upsets you is this.

Seriously, all that a child who is upset needs, is a tight hug and soft words to bring her down to your level of calmness. And, no child actually gets better upon being hit or spanked. All that it leads to, is low self esteem and mistrust in close family members. Remember, as your child is physically growing from 0 to 6 years, she is also growing emotionally where the main teachers are her parents and immediate care takers. The child learns all her emotions from her family. Watch your actions as well as your reactions to your child's actions. 

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