October 20, 2016

Pick up the card

Materials needed: die, dot cards
This is a very simple and quite engaging activity. A repeatedly played this for around 10 times proving her interest in playing this one. 

She even joined me in making the dot cards by drawing x number of circles and coloring them.

Step 1: roll the die
Step 2: pick the appropriate card

One could have some variations in playing this game by asking the child pick up parts of the number shown on die. Like picking 1 and 1 for 2 etc. Older kids can have even more variations l:
Pick any card and see if you have to add or subtract a number to match the number shown on die.
Pick card showing one number less than that on die
Pick two cards that total the number on die
And many more.

As I observed A playing continuously I could clearly realise her way of learning and grasping. I pay constant attention to my voice, tone, her eye movements and the response of her hand. We can learn many things by observing little children which helps us enhance our understanding of their behaviour and aid in providing better environment and activities in future. She quite quickly could pick up the . right card like how we adults do  

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