October 26, 2016

Infant Stimulation - Texture cards

It is well known fact that there exists rapid development in early childhood. Just after birth, babies are in constant endeavour to feel new things, see new things and learn new things. Showing them various objects, talking about them and making them aware of their surrounding is the most important first step to teaching an infant.

An infant can be shown various colours starting with contrasting black and white for early infants, shapes, sounds, textures and many more around you. All you need is the willingness to spend quality time with your infant. Do not just stick to the TV or glue to the smart phone only because your infant baby is not asking for your attention. He's there, had his milk, lying on the bed, in his own world - sure, so think you want to while away this time in your way? This kind of lifestyle doesn't do any good for the parent-child relation. Consider every moment as one that connects you with your baby.

Look for what you can teach your infant. Look for what you can talk to your infant. With every stimulation that the infant receives, there is a neuron that gets connected in the brain. Make sure you are making active, quality and positively oriented connections in that small but immense brain of the child.

 You could read about the importance of infant stimulation on internet. There's a whole lot of information that could be put to practice.

Following are some texture cards that I made:

Apart from these, there are many other things that an infant could experience, like, sand, grass, leaves, hay, leather, fur, plastic, metal etc.

Following pic shows some items that I cannot actually make a model of, but, can offer them for texture experience.

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