October 26, 2016

Bonding with baby before birth

Bonding with your baby starts right at the moment the couple plans for conception.

Both mother and father, should be at mental peace and be conscious of welcoming the divine soul into their lives.

There are various ways a mother can connect to her child in womb. Like,

Spending solo time
Writing to the child
Reading to the child
Listening to music while being conscious of the presence of child in your womb
And most importantly, every moment is an opportunity to connect with your child. Whatever you may be doing, eating, reading, exercising, writing, by being conscious of the presence of a spiritual soul in your womb you keep connecting to your child.

Becoming parents, motherhood, parent hood, rearing children, teaching children, playing with children are all not just physical activities that are part of our lives, but, ought to be done soulfully.
You need to connect to the soul. It is only a matter of time that you are elder than your child, but, remember, every child is precious, they have as much as or more knowledge than any adult. What they lack is the ability to express it, be it, by action or words. And this ability is only linked to their physical developmental cycle and not spiritual. Every child, spiritually, is aware of themselves, of her/his parents, her/his purpose of birth. The child could be at a higher spiritual level than the parents actually are. Your child could one day teach you some secrets of life. None of us know what's in store. All we can do is encourage them, guide them, always keeping in mind that they are not in any way lesser than us.

Writing about my pregnancy period, I have taken to certain ways to connect to the baby in womb. One of them being writing to the baby by making cards at the end of every month with a personalised message that signifies the soul's journey in my womb up to that month.

I can briefly write about what each month signifies:

Month 1: Beginning of new life. The divine soul has chosen its parents and decided to take birth.
Month 2: Budding growth
Month 3: First time I have seen the fetus on screen.
Month 4: Beginning to feel baby movements
Month 5: Auditory senses begin to develop and baby is able to hear
Month 6: Touch sensitivity and finger grip has developed.
Month 7: Preparing for life outside womb
Month 8: Ready to bloom
Month 9: Wait is complete, preparing to take its path

Following are snapshots of the same(does not include the personalised messages, of course!)

Cards for child No. 1:


Cards for child No. 2:










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