August 21, 2016

Revealing figures/stories in parts

I tried this randomly with just cat and mickey mouse when I observed that A was quite surprised in how the cat took shape while asking me to repeat. Of course, along with just showing the paper, it is also important to talk in order to hold the child's attention by expressing your enthusiasm in your tone.

Materials needed: Paper, scissors, pen

Depending on how much width your figure/story would occupy, cut vertical strips of paper.

Fold the paper vertically, not exactly to half, but after leaving some crease on the bottom paper.

Repeat these folds depending on how big your paper(figure/story) is.

Draw figure/story across the whole length of paper (spreads across two folds).

Now, start with showing the completely opened paper to child and ask her/him to guess what it is.

Then, shoot similar questions after folding the paper once.

Then complete the story/figure by folding it the second time


When concluding, enact being a cat while making some funny sounds and greeting your child.

Row, row, row your boat on a sunny day:

Jingle bells, jingle bells: Jingle bells is one of the songs that A likes to keep humming and singing. Hence I usually make a story out of it too. Saying, on the evening of christmas, children decorate each of their X-Mas tree wait for Santa Claus to arrive and so on..

Mickey Mouse:

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