August 21, 2016

Race track for balls, cars

The one I made may not look very colourful to kids but is definitely very interesting to play and learn about tracks. You could try making it with better finish/colours/paint etc.
I couldn't spend much time on it as I was making it while A was waiting to get her hands on what I was making. She was asking me what I was making and what we could do with it. Hence, I finished it with just the basic materials I had around me.

You can have a race between balls or cars. Explain to your child what a track is and how the ball/car goes only on its own track. They cannot change track because of the barricade placed. Whoever reaches the finish point first will be the winner.

Teach your child what winning is while also talking about what 'not winning' is. Maker her friendly even to the concept of 'not winning' and ask her to be more determined the next time she's playing and she could win it. Do not focus only on making your child a winner every time. Let her come second and tell her there's nothing wrong in it. All we do is make a genuine effort, analyse what went wrong and rectify our next attempt.

Usually, 5-6 year olds feel disheartened upon losing to their play mates. Instead of taking it in positive spirit, they take to crying/cursing/finding faults in the other person's play Make sure you often talk to your child what winning and losing is.

Materials required:
Card board box, cardboard sheets, paper, gift paper, cello tape, scissors.

Glue the card board sheets across one dimension of the cardboard box - to represent tracks.

Make tiny holes just to fit in some balls/cars at one end of the track.

This is how it looks. You could make it more colourful. As A was waiting for me to finish, I could not work on it more.

Tiny holes made just to fit in balls/cars.

Each of us inserts a balls into the hole and gives a small push.

Balls reaching finish point in their own tracks.

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