August 20, 2016

Making Shapes - Circle

Understanding shapes is very interesting to young children. How about getting their hands-on in making some of them?

This one is to depict a circle. We had made a clock with movable hands. Though A doesn't understand how to read a clock, when asked what time is it, she says some random time that comes to her mind. Also, she keeps asking me what time is her breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time and sleep time. This sounds very interesting.

Materials required: Cardboard, chart paper, sketch pen, scissors, glue, thread, needle

Here is what we did:

  • Cut the cardboard and chart paper in circle shape. 
  • Stick the cut chart paper on cardboard. 
  • Write number 1-12 while explaining to your child what they are about
  • Cut two strips of hard paper for hour and minute hand
  • Insert needle into the thread and make a knot with both ends of thread across the needle.
  • Insert the needle along with thread, at the center of the circle
  • At the other side of the circle, cut off the needle and knot the ends of thread.
  • Now show your child how she could move the hour hand and minute hand to depict time

Simple, isn't it?

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