July 20, 2016

Play Washing Machine

Like any usual toddler imitating her parent, A is always interested in doing all that I do starting from washing clothes, utensils, to hanging clothes on the string.
I have always kept thinking of making miniature versions of all household tasks and this is one of it - washing machine.

Materials required: package box, wall hooks, thread/rope, scissors, some pairs of sock, pen

Just cut open a square/rectangular opening from the box that acts like front door of a washing machine.

Draw some symbols and numbers indicating power, start/stop and the time of wash. Explain the same to your child.

A starts putting each sock one by one into the washing machine. Closes. Waits for sometime as she says that it is in running mode. Then opens it and removes each sock for hanging to dry.

This is how she hangs each sock to dry them up.

 Then waits for sometime as the socks are drying up. Removes clothes pin and puts all the socks back into washing machine. This repeated for at least 10 times continuously. It was a fun way for passing time.

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