July 20, 2016

Counting and Reverse Counting

A finds counting very interesting and I wanted to try introducing the concept of reverse counting. Though it was something new to her and she didn't quite understand why I was singing numbers in reverse order. Then I tried to come up with some interesting sticking/colouring activity that makes her understand that reverse counting is only a matter of sequence.

I drew the following and made a story about it.  I said the ones coloured in blue is 'road' and the cat needs to walk on the road moving right and left accordingly(showing the same with my finger moving around).
Now, the cat wants to go out of her house to the park, what is the route it takes?
Next, the cat wants to return home from park. What is the route it takes?
There, she started counting numbers 1 to 5 in the reverse order and started liking it while also making a tune out of it.

Second involves her favourite activity, sticking. Stick the numbers in correct order starting from snake's head to tail. And then, start calling out numbers from both the ends one after another. One is the normal counting and the other reverse counting.

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