May 08, 2016

Finger Figures

This one is not exactly same as playing with finger puppets but similar to it. It introduces new ways of playing, creativity as you can ask your child which figure she wants to stick on their finger, what she wants to ask? etc.

I made limited number of these, but, you could make just as many as you like to. You can draw your child's favourite characters, animals to make funny animals sounds, whatever on a small sticky note and stick them to your/child finger. Then there are various ways to play with finger puppets/figures.

  • Make a story out of the figures and enact
  • Hide your finger behind you and sing the famous 'Where is doggy, where is doggy', here I am, here I am, and then ask funny questions like what sound do you make doggy? what do you want to eat doggy? how are you doing doggy? or anything else depending on your child's thoughts at that moment and try to keep it funny.

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