May 08, 2016

Empty foil roll

I had a aluminium foil roll that was completely used up and here's what I did:

1. Stick it on the wall in an inclined position, ask your child to pass a ball from its top end and ask her how it was coming out from the other end.

2. Materials used: empty foil roll, lan cable, empty bottle

Ask your child to insert the lan cable into foil, push it in and pull it from the other side.
Insert the same lan cable into an empty water bottle, push it in, there's nothing to pull from the other side.

The wire passes through the roll and comes out from the other end only because there is an opening/hole at that side, whereas for the bottle, there is only one opening and the wire cannot come out from the other side.

My child liked this activity of pushing the wire from one side and pulling it from the other side so much that she not only played for a long time but showed the same to couple of guests who visited our house the next two days.

For a while, she pushes the wire at one end and asks me to pull it from the other side and giggles at it.

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