April 17, 2016

Numbers - Tracing and Colouring

A really liked to do this one as she wanted to do everything on her own.

Materials needed: Gum/Glue, Pencil, Paper, Coloured powder

What I did was:

  • Ask A which number she wanted to trace
  • Write the number on paper
  • A applied glue with the applier by finely moving the bristles over the shape of the number while simultaneously telling out what she was applying on - standing line, sleeping line, curved line
  • Pour some amount of coloured powder over the glue and spread evenly. 
  • Remove excess powder by gently tilting the paper to one side 
  • And she exclaims, ' Oh! we got number 3 shape' , 'Oh! we got number 8 shape' etc.

Here are the pictures:

This is the glue bottle that was used. (The applier has bristles that the child would be interested to use)

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