March 14, 2016

Tracing with paint brush

This activity involves colour, brush, hands and mess. Kids will surely love this.

Materials needed: Chart Paper, sketch pen, paint brush, colour, wall hooks

Long time back, I had written A-Z, 0-9 on a chart paper when ananya used to crawl over it to identify the alphabets and numbers. I happened to notice that chart paper somewhere down the rack when I opened it up for another activity.

Hang the chart paper on the wall and ask your toddler to write/paint over the letters/numbers with the paint brush.

Explain the shape of each alphabet/number (as you hover over it with your finger) while she gets her brush towards the chart.

H - two standing lines and one sleeping line in the middle
A - two slanting lines and one sleeping line
O - one round
D - one standing line and one curved line

similar way for other letters and numbers

Tracing the number 7

Tracing the number 1

Tracing the number 3

Tracing the letter O

Tracing the letter V

Tracing the letter W

Tracing the letter T

Continued tracing many other alphabets - the end result is this:

And when she wanted to put her hand in the colour - this is what we did. She first drew a BIG round, as she says, then some design and later hand print.

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