February 01, 2016

Stick them all

This activity requires some coloured paper(cut into pieces), white paper and glue.

You can be more creative by drawing out a shape on the white paper and asking your child to stick the coloured paper inside the shape or you could also cut various interesting shapes from coloured paper and make her stick on the plain paper.

I was a little simple this time, asked my child to just keep sticking the colour paper pieces on plain white paper. And she soon got engaged for some good amount of time.

As I observed the way she was going about it it, I could see her trying to hold the glue stick with her right hand and colour paper in her left for some attempts and then swapped her hands to hold the glue stick with her left hand for next few attempts. This is a key take away, just give them the material, show them what could be done and then leave them for free play. This encourages them to think further, see beyond what we have just shown them, they will come up with something on their own to amaze us. For all this, you need to get down to the child's level of understanding, give them some raw material, let them mess around, have patience as they tend to fail while trying to do something on their own, encourage them to think more, do more and cheer them while also guiding them.

Holding glue stick in her right hand:

Holding glue stick in her left hand:

The end result:

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