February 16, 2016

Roll the die and clap

This activity is based on counting. More importantly, it enhances the ability to stop counting after reaching a targeted number.

Materials needed: die

Ask the child to:

  • Roll the die 
  • Count the number(n) of dots on the top side of it
  • Clap n number of times

What the child learns to do:
  • Know what a die is
  • Know that there are six sides 
  • Six sides with different number of dots on each of them
  • Rolling the die
  • Counting the dots
  • Counting one after another, do not count repeatedly
  • Count as she claps
  • Stop when she reaches the desired number, n (decision making)
All this may sound simple to us, but, for 2 yr olds, this is an achievement. Keep encouraging as they are doing it. Usually, once toddlers learn counting, they count the same object repeatedly which will gradually fade away.  Playing such activities will build their confidence in counting and decision making. 

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