November 29, 2015

Playing with seeds

The other day, I was showing A a small tray, asked her to see how small it was and was talking quite a bit on it. Hearing the word tray, she quickly ran to the place where she wanted something. She was trying to explain me, pointed to a large tray and was asking for it. I then realised that, it was an activity done around 3 months back where I told her it was a tray. She quickly asked for all the materials used for that activity, insisted I sit along with her, and she started playing with it - the same way as told earlier.

She was much younger(didn't have ability to speak) than her present day when she first did that activity. She recalled and got busy for some time. The point I wish to convey from this experience is that, what goes into a child's brain, stays there. What you talk, what you show, what you do, what the child is exposed to since her early childhood just stays within. Be it positive or negative, it stays in the mind and is realised at an appropriate time. Now, what the parents wish their child must be exposed to is very important.

This is the same activity mentioned in #5 here. Just that, A is little grown up, she can speak, she asked me to get the tray, two bowls, spoon for her, played few rounds, asked me to play few rounds when she clapped for me. And, it was a nice time.

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