November 01, 2015

Making shapes with seeds

These days, A has been interested in playing with seeds. So much that she is just immersed in her play without bothering about her surrounding. All that is needed is, 2 bowls, some dried seeds, spoon.

She keeps transferring the seeds from one bowl to another, makes various shapes, circle, square etc. with those seeds. Also arranges the seeds in a straight line. If not for any shape, she simply keeps lining the seeds, not necessarily straight, and calls it a 'design'. She puts them in a box and shakes it to hear the sound.

When asked to arrange the seeds in a line, she did this:
I showed her a line for reference initially, and later asked her to line them up on plain floor.

Oh! How much kids are fun to be with!

( I could not get hold of many photographs for this one)

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