November 19, 2018

Respect the child

Respect the child.

No matter how cranky she gets, respect the child.

If she had only 5 spoons of rice for dinner, still, respect the child. She could have chosen not to have even 5 spoons and become more cranky and in turn disturb the mother. Always remember to respect the child.

When one is aware that the child is a physical form of divine soul that has taken life with some goals in mind, one is bound to respect the child.

When there is respect, you are inclined towards hearing your child. Every child wants to be heard. Just because child cannot communicate in the same way adults do, do not underestimate her ability to perceive things, do not yell at the child. Every thing you do to her, every single aspect of your behaviour is well registered in your child's brain and will some time be shown in her personality development.

First, assure her that you are always there to hear her needs. Next, get down to her level of seeing things, her level of talking and her level of understanding. Change the tone of your voice accordingly. Talk slowly, repeat telling the same in various voice modulations until your intent is conveyed to the child. She is sure to understand what you wanted to convey.

Here in this post I list further posts on parenting based on my experience. I inculcate the no-yelling no-spanking blissful and respectful parenting and encourage others to try experimenting in their journey of parenthood. It is sure to bear fruitful results in shaping of your child's personality.

Remember, I am not a professional early childhood expert. But, I love perceiving things in the way my child does and I think this is the reason behind my blissful parenting experience. I become a child when with my child. I talk in various rhythmic tones that catch the attention of my child. I respect her. I hear her out. I satisfy her needs be it water, food, games, play in an organised manner.

She does throw tantrums but I believe there's always a positively pleasant way to deal with everything in life. You can read more on specific topics on parenting in the list below:

(This post will regularly be updated and always pinned to the top of this page)

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  2. Dealing with a stressed out toddler
  3. Best or worst moment- Realise your love
  4. A Child's Miracle
  5. Just Let Them Be
  6. The BIG Bank of Child's Brain
  7. Children and their teeny happiness
  8. Interacting with a child
  9. Play with a child
  10. Feeding the child
  11. Kids and their power of learning
  12. Human values in daily life
  13. Family - the way you see it
  14. How to handle toddler's tantrums?
  15. Shaping of a child's persona
  16. Teaching your child how to eat
  17. The art of parenting
  18. Bonding with your child
  19. Being Responsible vs Controlling
  20. Are you teaching or controlling your child?
  21. Children and mess - Is it really a mess?
  22. Follow your child's lead
  23. Dealing with sick child - All you need is love
  24. Conscious Parenting
  25. Parent vs Child - Conflicting needs
  26. Parent vs Child - Sleep Time
  27. Play and Mess around - What is your role?
  28. Time - kids vs adults
  29. Another busy day when child needs parent's warmth
  30. Toddler behaviour - screech and scream
  31. Conveying your message to toddler
  32. How does parent's reaction matter?
  33. Explaining our intention to a toddler
  34. Try to understand your child's intention
  35. Toddler: Feelings and Emotions
  36. Handling Toddler's Momentary Mood
  37. Learning while messing around
  38. 2 year old - changing views
  39. You should not because...
  40. Give them time..
  41. Understanding your child's reaction
  42. Blissful parenting
  43. Explain to your child first
  44. Handling hyperactive toddler
  45. Providing opportunities or rushing things?
  46. Love multiplied
  47. Show some love
  48. Gentle Parenting Tips
  49. Physical needs and emotional well-being
  50. How are you doing, as a parent?
  51. A Child's Letter
  52. What could you teach a child?
  53. Teaching your child how to write
  54. One thing you could do when your child who is upset, upsets you
  55. How do you connect with a child?
  56. Let me explore
  57. Are you connected to your child?
  58. Nurturing Emotions in Child
  59. Intuition and Parenting
  60. Toddler's tasks
  61. Is there any learning?
  62. What are instructions for?
  63. Hold back, don't push yourself to push your child.
  64. Schooling or Unschooling?
  65. Overcoming or Living in Fear?
  66. Society says, Be tough with your child!
  67. What is too-much love?
  68. Good, Bad and the Ugly
  69. Is improvement self-directed?

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