September 12, 2015

Ringa Ringa with Animals

There is famous rhyme-play by the name Ringa Ringa that most children are fond of. This activity is an imagination of playing the same with animals.

I ask my child to arrange all the animals in a round (with little help from me of course). Now holding two animals she moves her hand while I sing the rhyme:

Ringa ringa roses
Pocket full of roses
Asha Busha
All fall down

The moment I say fall down, she yells out 'damma' and throws around all the animals.

Next, she asks me to repeat the play after arranging all the animals back in their positions in a circle.

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Bowls and stands

This activity, like many other that are listed in my blog, is a simple one.

Materials needed - cups/bowls, stands for them

My child performed so many permutations and combinations of those cups and stands that I could not miss watching any single of them.

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Birthday Card

This one was made on order.
The requirement was to use only A4 size paper.


Dropping coins in kiddy bank

Kiddy bank is a well heard term that is mostly available in the house.

Hand it over to the child along with some coins and observe the immense keenness and interest with which she gets involved in the activity.

Remember, there is definitely some learning from everything that kids do. It is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction.

I left the kiddy bank unlocked, so she could remove the coins and re-insert them repeatedly.

Materials needed: Kiddy bank, some coins

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Drop it down the bin

I constantly look for interesting household items that can be used to create any activity for my 18 month old. And, here I found a stool that has an orifice on the top and is closed all around its sides.

This, immediately kept me calling for Ananya asking her to come to me for a new game. Ananya, very promptly runs towards me as soon as I say it's a game, more so, when I say it's a new game that she has never played earlier.

This promptness and her excitement inspires me to look out for more unique and creative activities for her.

I showed her the stool, the orifice and gave her few coins to drop through the orifice.
I then asked her where all the coins went. As she was looking furiously, I lifted the stool up and she was amazed seeing them there.

Needless to say, she could continue playing this for a while without me even guiding her.

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Tearing activitiy

Kids love making mess of things around them. Who doesn't agree?

Well, my take is, allow them to behave as they are supposed to, as kids, be messy, in an organised play.

This activity only requires old papers, newspapers etc.

Ask the kid to tear them and then collect them and again tear them and repeat.
They are sure to love it.

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September 06, 2015

The idea of floating

This is a simple activity that amazes any toddler. She may not be able to understand the actual concept behind floating but, remember, this is learning phase and every activity or every game imparts some amount of learning in the child.

The same activity may be repeated at a later age when the child's response will be different than the current one. She slowly starts to understand what floating is, then.

Materials needed: Water, ball(small)

Just put the ball in a mug of water and ask the child to push it down and move the hand out. 

The ball moves up in an instance because of the concept of floating. Explain how the ball is moving up to your child.

Ask the child to repeat the same for quite a few times until she starts to understand what's happening and gets the feel of it.

My toddler exclaimed  and laughed out loud as the ball was moving up.

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