November 19, 2018

Playing is learning

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Kids love to be busy, kids love to do messy things. kids love playing, kids love learning, kids love experimenting things, kids love imitating, kids love getting dirty.

Remember, exposure and the freedom to experiment are two most important things that a child can be provided. Those who can afford to provide good exposure and are tolerable enough to bear the consequences of freedom given to a child to experiment can be deemed as a valuable asset in the journey of learning of a child.

Why not think of something that combines all that kids love and offer as a play? In our daily life, every activity has a purpose. There will be some reason for doing what we are doing.

In the same way, try creating fun activities for kids that they not only enjoy playing but learn something new in every play.

Remember, it is only that the toddler cannot reciprocate all that she is learning by speaking out but the world's smartest storage device is in that little head of theirs and whatever you speak or teach makes it's way to their brain and stays there. Always keep talking about what the child is doing, what the purpose of any general item lying in the room is and this list of what you can talk to your child goes on. I will write another post on key things to be learnt during our interaction with child sometime soon.

Following is one such list where the child not only enjoys playing but gradually learns how things work in this world. I will keep updating this post with more activities as time goes on.

There will be few activities that the child clings on for reasonably longer time and few that the child gets bored of very easily. Make sure you always keep your child engaged in a joyful manner. Watch out for boredom signals and quickly turn the environment cheerful with quirky talks or funny faces. 

  1. Miraculous Magnets
  2. Aim it - Throw it
  3. Ringa Ringa
  4. Coins in Kiddy Bank
  5. Bowls and Stands
  6. Drop it down the bin
  7. Tearing activity
  8. The idea of floating
  9. Matching the shoe pair
  10. Cloth Hanger
  11. Making water bubbles
  12. Scoop out
  13. Writing on a balloon
  14. Pass it down the pipe
  15. Mess around with paper
  16. Matching the shoe pair
  17. Hook it up
  18. Playing with play dough
  19. Touch and Texture Activities
  20. Stacking cups
  21. Free hand sewing
  22. Moving beads
  23. Stacking blocks
  24. Scoop out - 2 
  25. Wall painting
  26. Play with wool
  27. Play with foam
  28. Play with water
  29. Play with cotton balls
  30. Play with dal seeds
  31. Toy-free games to play with 1 yr old
  32. Experimenting with dropper
  33. Segregating activity
  34. Making rainfall
  35. Gardening with toddler
  36. Stamping with paint
  37. Screw - Unscrew
  38. In and Out
  39. Pushing
  40. Move it - Count it
  41. Fun observing ants
  42. Fun with Shadow
  43. Playing with seeds
  44. Carrom game with toddler
  45. Concept of rolling
  46. Dropping seeds in pores
  47. Toddler and Physics
  48. Toddler and Maths
  49. Playing with seeds
  50. Train with empty tins
  51. Spot On
  52. Stacking Spoons
  53. Ice Painting
  54. Art of Cutting
  55. Crawl - Jump - Bend
  56. Stick them all
  57. Roll the die and clap
  58. Depicting rhymes and stories on paper
  59. Stamping activity
  60. Tracing with paint brush
  61. Fun with flour
  62. Clipping on Clothes pegs
  63. Pricking
  64. Colour the shapes
  65. Finger painting
  66. Numbers - Tracing and Colouring
  67. Vegetable Art
  68. Filling up water bottle
  69. Introducing fractions - Explaining Half
  70. Finger Figures
  71. Empty foil roll
  72. Playing with magnets
  73. Dropping Toothpicks
  74. Alphabet Stamping
  75. Plastic Cover - Mirror Image
  76. Explaining Transparence
  77. Coloring on Seeds
  78. Making Shapes with Rubber Bands
  79. Sticking Activity
  80. Counting and Reverse Counting
  81. Play washing machine
  82. Play Elevator
  83. Making Shapes - Circle
  84. Counting while sticking
  85. Making Alphabets and Numbers
  86. Revealing figures/stories in parts
  87. Race track for cars, balls
  88. Pick up the card
  89. What's in the bag?
  90. Infant Stimulation - Texture cards
  91. Paper Stencils - Painting
  92. Ice Cubes - Painting
  93. Drop it down the cone
  94. Paints and Ear Buds
  95. X Mas Tree Hand Prints
  96. Pouring Water
  97. Sponge Painting
  98. Sponge and Water
  99. Water Balloon
  100. Icecream parlour
  101. Paint with Talcum Powder
  102. Texture Play
  103. Sandwich, anyone?
  104. Counting and Fractions
  105. Understanding Soaking
  106. Simple play with stone
  107. Containers and Play
  108. Play with Ice
  109. Paper Mache
  110. Hurdle Run
  111. Water Paint on Wall
  112. Pass it down - 2
  113. Hidden Treasures in Ice
  114. Peek-a-Boo
  115. Basic Arithmetic
  116. Pouring
  117. Pouring - 2

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